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Optoelectronics military Areospace Machine QC Department


We deal with precision machining of metal and non-mental parts for use in every industry. Keeping the highest product and service quality standards is our mission. All we want to do is to offer customers that kind of parts that will continue to meet their needs now and in the long term. Therefore, we have not only the excellent measurement skills but also a strict control on quality by process control, patrol inspection and final inspection. All inspection values will be shown on a list clearly and faithfully that is evidence of excellence of the service provided to customers. In addition to our own inspections, we are also optimized to meet the requirements of customers’ demand for other tests and inspections.


  • 3 Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Pull Push Gauges
  • Optic Measuring Microscope
  • Projectors
  • Height Master
  • Roughness Analyzer (manual)
  • Other Instruments : Holtest - three-point Internal Micrometers 、Cylinder Gage


  1. Improve quality management method
  2. Upgrade measuring technology
  3. Participate in International Quality Assurance Systems &Organizations
  4. Add latest instruments to build up a system that is powerfully accurate at measurement and inspection.
  5. Cultivate our quality inspectors with international view

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